Joab and Amanda knew Jesus from a young age and received the call to go into missions while attending Bible school in 2009. They were married in 2012 and have since had three little boys: Jayven, Levi and Oliver.

They are the associate Pastors at Faith Family Church,  the directors of all the cell groups, local outreaches, and the administrator of China Missions.  They both love working in Hong Kong, China, preaching the Gospel and discipling believers… Continue Reading

Our Mission

Train up Leaders and Reach the UNREACHED

Train Up Leaders

There are an estimated
100-130 million Christians in China

Only 60-80 million Christians have access to Bibles

The Strategy 

Since 2011 Joab and Amanda have been taking Bibles and teaching materials to the rural parts of China where there is no access to Christian resources.

Reaching the Unreached
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The Strategy

Joab and Amanda host outreaches and children/youth camps all over China. The end result? Young people receive Christ with enthusiasm for the very first time!

Joab Preaching
Amanda Preaching